About Us


The Mobile App Brigade has remained on the vanguard of technology by crafting One-of-a-Kind Professional Video Commercials and Customized Mobile Apps. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, custom designs and engineering excellence while overcoming the constant challenges brought on by this ever changing hi-tech world. The Mobile App Brigade has created a simple and effective app solution that levels the playing field for small and medium sized businesses, giving them equal access to technologies and providing the capabilities to take advantage of the new mobile economy.


Our goal is to be the nation’s leading Mobile App Design Firm. We also strive to nurture the growth and endurance of our staffs’ careers. Our dynamic craftsmanship produces customized works in order to establish exclusive one-of-a-kind video commercials and dynamic professional Mobile Apps for the sole purpose of advancing each and every client’s business opportunities.

Whether at home, work or on-the-Go (mobile), our custom design work, cover each and every on-line platform. The Mobile App Brigade is the true expert providing measurable and proven results.While The Mobile App Brigade operates out of Temecula, California, the mobile apps created there have a reach that expands around the country. Founded in 2009 by Charles Tumbrello, a self-made entrepreneur from Birmingham, AL., the company aims to put affordable, customizable mobile apps within reach for every small and medium sized business.